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      Previous Visa Info (ETAs)

      Hello All,

      We have spent the evening filling in our Visa forms (Spouse Visa Application) and one of the questions requires me to document all of my previous trips to Australia.

      I have been lucky enough to get out there a few times over the last 10 years but have always done so via an ETA applied for over the internet with which you get nothing in your passport and I have long ago lost any paperwork that was emailed to me.

      Has anyone been in the same situation. Does anyone know how to track down the ETA visa label or grant numbers that I assume I would have had so that I can complete the form.

      Cheers Again

      Martyn, Melanie and Harry

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      We have had an ETA Visa as well and and we didnt have a number. We just put ETA in the bit where it asked for the number. That was on a paper appliciation though so I am not sure what you do if it is an online application.
      Hope this helps


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