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      Extended holiday visas

      Hi all

      It is my intention to included my MIL as a dependent on my 457 visa. She is most certainly financially and emotionally depedendent on my wife and I, but in the event that some grumpy so and so at Immigration doesn't see it that way, we will go the Parent Contributory visa route once we get PR.

      However, as she IS dependent on us and we wouldn't go without her, I was thinking that she could perhaps apply for a 676 or similar visa, which could see her spending the better part of a year with us, then go back to South Africa for a few months to spend time with her son. She could then reapply for another 676 visa etc etc

      It will take at least 2 and a half year for her PC visa to come through and I'm trying to ensure that she spends as much time with us as possible during this period. It will be expensive, but I don't see any other way around it. Any suggestions/advice?

      Much appreciated

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      Sorry I don't know the visa types and numbers, but as I said on another thread recently, we have a friend with a son in the UK and a daughter in Melbourne. For the past several years, she has been flying out here in October, and back to the UK in March, renting a house in Melbourne while she was there, and now renting a flat in London when she is there. She is in her late 70s now. It used to be her and her husband doing this, until he died a few years ago. I know on the visa she was on, she had to go "offshore" after about three months here: she just books a trip to New Zealand, or Fiji, or Bali, for five days - or goes on a short cruise, to fulfil that part, then can stay another three months. Could you MIL do something similar? I think it was just some sort of tourist visa she was on. She didn't work here, obviously - although she does help out in an Op Shop as a volunteer.
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