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      Unhappy Fed Up Of Waiting

      Hello everyone,

      We were told in September that we had a case file officer, hooray wont be long now
      I have just been in touch with our agent who has informed me that DIAC are currently
      dealing with applications from Jan 07, ours was received in May. We have been advised that our case will be processed in about 4 months. Im in dispair, cant get the house & business sold until we definately know we will get the visa.
      Im fed up & feel in limbo "can anyone give us a boost ?"

      Louise & Chris

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      What Visa have you applied for ?

      what a nightmare......we have sold with out the visa only because we wont to go as soon as we get
      but its a risk albeit calculated.

      Good luck............

      Huntfield Heights

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      what a nightmare, eh?!
      and you are much further than we are - i can only imagine what headache it gives you!!!
      don't give up hope just yet. i try to keep up with other months applications to see the progress - hopefully that gives us enough indication.

      we'll move out into rented rather sooner than later but mostly because we wanted to move anyways :o

      have you frontloaded the rest yet? that will speed things up in the end

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      One thing I'm gathering from reading posts is that the waiting is a killer!!!!! My mum always used to say that patience is a virtue!! All I can say is she obviously has never wanted anything bad enough ;) .
      But at least you have an idea of the timeline to expect, albeit not as quick as you want. Please remind me of these words when I'm at the stage your at, my mums words never worked on me :) I am so impatient!!!

      Anyway heres hoping it happens a bit quicker that expected for you and when the time comes your business and house sell really quickly!!

      Good luck



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