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      Health Undertaking Form - No contact details

      I have received a request from my Case Officer to complete a Health Undertaking Form (Form 815).
      As I am applying outside of Australia Iíve been told I MUST provide ďContact details in AustraliaĒ.

      Unfortunately I do not know anyone in Australia, I donít know anyone in the UK who knows anyone in Australia.

      Would someone living in Australia be prepared to be my initial contact should immigration decide to send me a letter?

      Obviously once Iím in Australia I will contact them and given them my own address.

      I know other people have asked similar questions and have been told to leave this section blank, but my Case Office insists that it MUST be completed.

      Please helllllllllllp.

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      We gave the address of our immigration agent who was in Melbourne.
      Apparently it is quite an important docuement.

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      Hi Nick11

      Unfortunately this option isn't open to me, I'm sort of going it alone and dont have a immigration agent.
      It saved me a lot of money but the time taken to deal with everything myself has been HUGE - maybe it wasn't such a good idea - time taken versus money saved?

      I was hoping that someone would blindly offer themselves up as my initial contact should any postal correspondence ever be sent to me prior to me settling in OZ.

      Obviously I know no one actually knows me, but hopefully that part of it could be overlooked!


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      I JUST GAVE address of a local caravan park book 1 or 2 nights to stay when u first arrive there then it will be your contact address its what i did :)

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      Thank everyone for the advice, think I have it sorted now.

      Cheers guys




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