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    Thread: Doggy stuff

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      I 'think' all councils are the same. You won't be able to get 4 dogs straight away, you will only be able to have 2 then apply for a licence for extra ones. Good luck.

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      Quote Originally Posted by andy and lindsey View Post
      I don't want to be the bearer of bad news but you may struggle to find a rental with four dogs. We live in the Onkaparinga council area and they have a limit of 2 dogs per household ( think you have to apply for a special permit after 2) - just something to consider!
      This applies not just to rental properties but to any property. Pretty much every council has dog control laws that require a special license to be applied for if you want to have more than 2 dogs. Once you have that license, and there is no guarantee you will get it in the first place, then if any complaints are received about the dogs (from neighbours for example) then the license will be revoked and you will not be issued with one again. There was quite a long thread about this just recently, and I put a link up to a dog forum where people were discussing the issue. Might be worth a search to find that and have a read....

      On another note, how on earth do you clean up after four dogs when you are walking them? (This after I had a four bag walk with my one dog this morning - yukkj!)
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      we used Golden Arrow when we brought the dogs over... absolutley brilliant.

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      wow australia is very strict isnt it! Dogs do bark and what if you have a neighbour who doesnt like animals?

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      Aussies are a nation of dog lovers really, but I would suggest a phone call to the local councils of the areas you are looking at living in to find out if you can do it at all. There is a licence fee each year to keep track of dogs and they all have to have a tag on their collars. But yes, I agree that it will be difficult to secure a decent rental with 4 dogs, unless of course you are planning to build or buy now and move straight into your own place?

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      yes we are but realistically may be bringing over just two dogs initially and then sending over my little cocker spaniel a few months later when we are more settled, my friend said that she would look after her for me. We may have to rehome sam tho which is heartbreaking for chris.

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      Quote Originally Posted by nicandchris View Post
      Hi there we have looked into bringing all of our four dogs over when we come and have gotten a quote from Goldrenarrows. We couldnt believe how friendly they were and seemed to really love what they do. I feel very comfortable arranging transport to adelaide with them when we do eventually sort it out for next year. Ive heard other wonderful things about this company and would recommend at least talking to them to see what you think. nicandchris
      Hi There,
      I hope you do mind me asking we have a toy yorkshire terrier.
      Did Golden Arrows fly your dogs directly to Adelaide and if so how long were they in quarantine and how much did quarantine cost?
      Thank You Very Much.

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      Hi no they fly to Melbourne and then you either pick up yourself or out them on another plane to adelaide, apparently the latter is usual practice and quite cheap. They are a month in quarantine and again im led to believe that the conditions are good at melbourne.
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      oh yes and sorry im unsure of the cost of the quarantine right now but id advise to give GA a ring the man is very helpful!
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