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    Thread: 857 visa from 475

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      857 visa from 475

      Just wondered if anyone has done this? We are going to approach Grahams employer to spnsor him as he has a ft 3 yr contract. We are desperate for perm status with the added benefits and just for peace of mind... We think we meet all the criteria and the position was advertised with Graham being the only appropriate candidate put forward by the recruitment agency. Anyone know if it's a problem to do this retrospectively as he has been working there 4 months now.
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      Lyndie Loue
      HI - check out BOXERTONY, I have been reading his thread & his employer has just sponsored him for permanent residency. Hope that helps
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      Also from 457 to 857

      I am also applying from visa 457 to 857. Its about a month and no news from Paramatta regarding the status of our application.

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      Thanks Lyndi Lou, that is correct I came over here on a 457 state sponsorship visa and after two weeks I mentioned to my employers that I would gain a lot more security if i was permanent resident. I stated that this cost nothing for your employer, the only thing he has to provide you is a full time paid employment contract for at least two years.

      I must admit there is a great deal of paperwork they have to complete on your behalf, showing all their incoming and outgoings, their ABN number. furthermore they have to prove that they have advertised for your job and even interviewed Australian Residents for your job, but they did not have the skill, knowledge or experience as you have, hence you getting the job. This paperwork is about 150 pages they have to provide. This paperwork gets sent to be certified in Adelaide. Takes about 6-8 weeks. It then comes back to the employers and they have ti then send it to Melbourne to be approved. We have been waiting three months and still not heard anything as of yet. Your employers will be notified if it has been approved. Then the final stage is your medicals and police checks and the money for the visa itself. If you have any further queries just send me a PM message or a telephone number and I will give you a phone call.

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      Case officer

      Hi Tony,
      How long does it take for the immigrations to allocate you a case officer? We have submitted our application and is awaiting for a case officer. I believe we have provided everything that is been requested.




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