Back when we first applied for SS a couple of months ago - docs received and acknowledged by SA on 3rd May 2010 - I knew what was going on etc thanks to spending hours (if not days) researching the whole immigration process.

I have to say that I am now totally in the dark, wandering around in a daze, unable to comprehend if our app is going ahead, is it stuck, what the SMP means - will it ever get released? Does anybody really know?

My occupation (IT Project Manager) appears to have been taken off the new SOL, but then I look at the SOL schedule 4 and lo and behold its on the list but gets incoroporated into the Chief Information Officer code. Thats just great as long as somebody wants to pay me a CIO wage:D.

Sorry bit of a rant there.....first post on here and I end up going off on one!

Hello everybody - you are all particularly sagacious!