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    Thread: Adelaide- the most backwards AND Boring

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      bigmouth, you are entitled to your own view. Adelaide certainly isn't the land of milk and honey they sold us at the expos we went to. However, in our opinion we are happier. We dont want the night life you aspire to having, but then we are old biddies at 42 and 45! We have oppurtunities that we werent offered in the UK. And most importantly, from our point of view our children have great choices here that they may not have had prior to emmigrating. Like I said, its not perfect, the houses arent cheap compared to the wages here. But they are cheap compared to the rest of Australia and if your priority is a more laid back life style with cheaper housing then Adelaide may just be the right place for some. We still have to pay bills and electricity is outrageously expensive but, its all about choice. Please offer some constructive advice and indeed some of your own personal experiances to those considering a move, we read those kind of posts avidly when we were still in the UK. Just dont be so negative and bitter, its not nice and youre a very bad boy for doing it!!
      And, lastly, please dont be so hostile to an incredibly talented individual such as Mr Church, who has fought to bring his skills to this country. Its demeaning to any argument or serious point you may have.

      donna (sitting back waiting for -ve comments...)

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      1. hmmm ok im sure I can be bothered to do a spell check when im typing on a thread.

      2. Thank you so much Church for the advice on to buck up and get a life. You sound like such a laugh and once I get my helicopter job im sure things will change and Adelaide will no longer be full of old biddies, the nightlife will suddenly become great and South Australians will no longer become so backwards.

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      Northern Mick - im from manchester and im 27 years old - work as in IT
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      Hmm, apologies for my previous rant, I have edited the last post. But, please do not continue to make assumptions that everyone who chooses to live in Adelaide is like you and wants the things that you want. Seriously though, I do hope you find some happiness and contentent in your life, or even time in SA because sooner or later you will become stuck. And just think, you only have 2 short years on your visa before you can go wherever your heart wishes you to go in ths glorious country. Have you thought about travelling round Aus for 6 months working agencies? (you can do that if you still have a postal address here and retain your tax file number) Maybe then you might see that the grass actually isn't that much greener on the other side, just a bit more expensive!

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      right so you are not having the best of times here at the moment..fair enough!,we all have crap days..but before you came here ..what did you expect it to be like...is it that the work you do is hard to find or that you are not making friends very easily..you could use this forum as a way to make friends if that is the case....are you here alone or with family....Adelaide is not for everyone but is it better than where you have come from..there must be very good reasons to have come here in the first place....try to make the best of things...do you drive..if so go and have a good look at the real Adelaide..it's not just about pubs and clubs..you are in one of the most beautiful counties in the world ..be grateful...there are alot of people who would love to swap places with you.
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      The vast majority of people living here in SA love it and that would leave you as part of the minority. As the old saying goes the majority wins out in a democracy.
      You also make it appear that you have been forced to stay here and I am not going to say go home if you donít like it but what I will say is why didnít you research the place and then decide on another region of Australia, perhaps the shiny lights of BrisVegas or even Perth may have suited.
      My own observations on your points:

      1. In terms of work in Adelaide- its just full of crapy small businesses. If you are relatively young and want to have a faced paced, interesting job where you can go places - forget it. Business moves the slowest ever and south australians are pretty thick and wierd when it comes to work. Most of them have worked for the same company for 25 years in the same SH!t job and that seems to be the norm.

      Crappy small businesses, as you call them, provide employment for people like yourself. Best not to sh1t in your own nest. Self employed people have to be and are highly motivated.

      2. Its a place full of old biddies. Yes- not many people in there 20's or 30's over here. Thats becasue any australian with a brain wanting to actually make something of their life would move away once they adult.

      Youíre not looking hard enough!

      3. Nobody drinks. Australians always make out they a big drinkers/ socialisers etc but nope, not south australians. None of them ever go out and if they do its for one glass of wine or a coffee. Therefore the atmosphere/nightlife in the city is pretty much non existant.

      It is a shame your need for atmosphere requires alcohol, again if thatís what you are after look harder itís out there.

      4. The most interesting part of the week for south australians is on a friday when they do the "footy tips" wow that must be really good fun.

      In your opinion and again thatís in the minority too!

      5. Majority of the english people who live here (with the exception of a few friends I know) are nearly as boring as south australians and quite dawky people. None of the english really help change things in adelaide as they are just as dull and boring as the south australians.

      Just goes to show the old adage rings true... How to win friends and influence people, youíre obviously missed that lesson.

      6. Its like living in the 1950's here.

      I have to wonder how you would have any experience of the 50ís at such a tender age.

      7. House prices over here a very high. There is a myth portraid by stupid programmes in the Uk "wanted down under" that you get so much more for your money here - not true. Unless you want to live an hours drive from adelaide in the middle of nowhere buying a house cost more - even if the intial buying price simular to the uk, the interest rates are much higher making it a lot more expensive. Rental prices are also high

      Higher interest rates are the sign of a flourishing economy, one should not complain.

      8. SA People hate change or vision for the future

      Another sweeping generalization.

      9. The adelaide oval redevelopment is the biggest joke in the world of sports stadiums

      Why should Adelaide follow and imitate other countries in their developments.

      10. And if you donít mind Iíd like to add the 10th point. Adelaide is not backwards the MAJORITY of us are happy with the way things are. One other point, it may be prudent not to share your opinions with prospective employers otherwise it may take quite sometime to find employment should you find yourself looking.

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      Quote Originally Posted by bigmouth View Post
      Northern Mick - im from manchester and im 27 years old - work as in IT
      Okay so very similar to me then when I first moved here. I arrived 4 years ago when I was 28 and I'm from Leeds so a similar city to Manchester. I've gotta say my experience is the complete opposite to yours.

      I'm lucky that I've lived close to the city, the beach and work since I've lived here. (Lockleys, Brooklyn Park) so maybe where you live affects your social life, do you live far away from the city?

      I can't ask for any more in terms of nightlife, there is plenty going on in the city and I have good weekends out every week and I know what a good night out is after living and working in Leeds. One thing I will concede is that Adelaide is very quiet during the week compared to places like Melbourne and Sydney, although the Summer months aren't too bad. As for Adlelaide being full of old biddies, I'm not really sure where you're going out on a weekend but there's loads of 20s to 30s out partying. And the amount of hot single women is unbelievable!

      I've made loads of mates, british and aussie through work and playing football who are not
      dawky. Maybe thats the sort of people who are drawn to you? :D

      As for work, if you are any good at your job then you can do well here. I'm certainly better off in that respect but it took a while. I'm sure it can be hard in certain professions though! I work in graphics/print and the industry is fine here.

      It's not easy to make a new life for yourself in a new country but you've gotta have the right attitude and you've got to get out of your comfort zone and make the most of it. I'm pretty sure your original post was a bit of a wind-up but thought I'd add my thoughts anyway. It sounds like you won't be happy wherever you live but I hope that isn't the case.

      I honestly think I'm the luckiest person in the world living in South Australia with all it's got to offer but each to their own I suppose.
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      Point 10 which you kindly contributed to - hmmmm ok, I hardly think when I go for any job interview im going to introduce my name as bigmouth from poms in adelaide.

      Of course your gonna complain about high interest rates if you have a mortgage - thats just a daft comment what you put.

      Yep alcohol does create atmosphere - where do you think people have better laugh A. In a pub or B. in a library.

      Point 6 - I have a degree in Bsc (hons) Historical World culture and development, so yes, I guess that does qualify me.

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      I would just like to add my two pennies worth !

      YES the 2 year provisional visa is a great way into Australia and YES after that we all have a choice to move.

      Moving is expensive and unsettling but we can do it.

      Dont think its worth coming to Australia in general if you love night life as thats not what most of Ozzy is about. Unless maybe you want to live right in the city, for the night clubs etc.

      Bigmouth, you should never expect a place to be utopia, but surely its better than UK ? You actually sound quite like my husband when he gets sick of the drivers with the big stupid exhausts and the ferrals, adults and kids.

      Julia, you are a charmed family and I am sure definatly happier here than in Yorkshire (which is swftly becoming another country Lol !)

      Comon Bigmouth chill out, kick off the thongs and have a beer haha

      I wish I could afford a pool and YES after visiting Cairns I wanna live there !!! but moving again !!!!

      Good luck all and remember we all have personal chocies !!
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      Excellent post northen Mick.

      To the OP, how long have you been here? could it just be the culture shock that is hitting? I do think Adelaide is behind other states in many ways - suits me but can see how that wouldn't suit others. From what I gather, if you think things move slowly here, you should try WA!

      Maybe get yourself out on the Glenelg night out or maybe arrange to meet Mick, could be what you need to get through till your time is up and you can move to another state, or you may find yourself settling.

      It must be hard being forced to come to SA becuase it is your only choice, as that must surely make it hard to settle as you never really wanted to be here in the first place, I would suggest looking on it as just a short chapter of your life, I am guessing for many it took that long to get a visa, so what is a couple more years if it gets you where you want - from that point you have to just suck it up I think.
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