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      can anyone tell me the time frame to get the 887????? grapevine has it that DIAC gives it within 2 months...is this true????

      are we eligible for a temporary medicare card immediately???
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      the time frame given by DIAC on the website is max 5 months, however different people get different responses, I just applied few days ago, and uploaded All the required documents, and am just waiting. Today I got my temporary Medicare Card, and they told me that when I get the visa I just have to inform them and they will change it from 1 year to 5 years as normal card.

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      Good to hear that.....but still the timeframe is not clear...some say a month,some a couple of months......will be filing my application in january 2011 and am interested to know

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      Another issue...My daughter is in childcare. Can I apply for the rebate (from Centerlink,as both of us are working)...immediately after i file my PR application or do I have to wait till the visa is issued???


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