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    Thread: 176 medicals in Adelaide and pregnant!!!

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      176 medicals in Adelaide and pregnant!!!

      Hi all,
      We have finally begun the process of the 176 application and are now looking booking at the medicals.
      What i'm wondering is if any of you guys have had any bother with the medical part of it due to being pregnant. I am aware that the DIAC recommend that you do not have the CXR, but there is also a clause get out that you can sign and still go ahead with it. We have researched the risk, and it is a low risk to the unborn child for the 16millirads of radiation in a CXR to cause any problems past the 2nd trimester. I can also wear a lead apron to protect us both.
      Has anyone experienced problems with the actual physical medical? I'm in good health with no medical history, but seeing as we have the most amazing bad luck when it comes to staying in this country I'm starting to get a bit worried, about things like low blood pressure and other slight pregnancy induced things.

      The other thing I am concerned about is, if we are granted our visa before the baby is born (March 2011) will we be able to simply add him/her onto our PR visa, or do we have to totally reapply for it?
      We are hoping to be granted the visa before xmas, as the other big worry is that it is an offshore visa and I will have to leave Australia and fly, which means that after 36 weeks it is a total no go!!!!!
      Everyone keep your fingers crossed for us
      Thanks in advance
      Julia xxxx

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      Hi Julia

      My friend had a similar situation last year. They were on the 495 temp visa and were progressing to PR.

      Basically they went ahead with the medical but my friend didn't have the X-Ray. They were granted their PR on the basis that she had the X-Ray once the baby was born which she did a few months ago.

      As far as she was aware as long as there was no issue with the X-Ray (which there wasn't) the PR just carried...I am not sure of what happens if there is an issue but I am sure that is unlikely anyway!

      Also once they had PR, the baby being born in Australia to parents with PR automatically gets citizenship so if you have PR before the birth your little one will be a citizen.

      I believe you have to register the birth as normal procedure and you can also get the baby a UK passport by applying to the British Consulate in Canberra !

      Hope this helps.


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      I have spoken to immigration and they informed me that we were not eligible to skip the xray without delaying the visa decision so that isn't an option for us. I have researched the risk of foetal abnormality due to xray exposure and I am happy with the findings (That the tiny radiation exposure amounts to the same as living on Earth for 10 days!) It seems that with modern imaging the beam is totally focused on the area being imaged and very little or none of the radiadtion will be passed onto the foetus. Also it seems, that CXR is the second lowet exposure after dental xrays.
      I will be going ahead with the medicals as planned and hope that our visa will be processed soon.

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      First of all a big congratulations on your pregnancy......

      Ref the X-Ray.....I am one of a twin and have a twin sister, my mum says that when she was expecting us they didn't have ultra sound scans and they X-rayed us to see where we were sat in the womb!!!!

      It has had no effect on me that I am aware of!!!!

      Good luck and I hope everything turns out OK.
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      Hi can i ask a question? If we were to have a medical here for our 'sponsored visa' here but then applied for PR whilst in Adelaide would we need to take another medical?

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      Quote Originally Posted by nicandchris View Post
      Hi can i ask a question? If we were to have a medical here for our 'sponsored visa' here but then applied for PR whilst in Adelaide would we need to take another medical?
      As far as I am aware, if you apply for PR and get a case officer allocation within 12 months of your original medicals then you would be able to use those original medicals. We have been in Adelaide 20 months now, so our medicals have expired. (They last 12 months from the date you attend for them)
      JC x

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      Hi thanks for that! Im sorry i answered your question with a question and should have used my own thread. Hopefully once we get there the sponseree will get the PR organised within the first year. Many congrats on the pregnancy id read between the lines in a couple of your posts but hadnt liked to have said. Good luck anyway x
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