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      SIR Assurance of support bond??

      We are not using a migration agent and are going for an SIR. We would welcome any advice on AOS. I read a post about bonds and then looked on the immi site which seems to say that you may need an AOS? from my interpretation, if asked for an AOS, you need an Australian citizen to act as an assurer. Is this right, what if you don't know anyone well enough to ask to do this? Can it be done through a bank or insurance?? Will I even need it ?? Sorry for rambling on but We're soooooo confused :?


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      We are going on an SIR 495 and have never been asked for an AOS bond.

      The Assurance of Support is only a requirement of some visas and I cannot see SIR on the list. There is a factsheet below which explains it more -


      I think on non-listed visa types they will only request this if they feel you do not have enough funds to support yourself and may be a drain on their resources - with the SIR you have to prove your funds to SA for your sponsorship anyway so maybe this is why it is not required of the SIR visa.

      Lisa :D

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      Thanks for the reply and advice Lisa. I think you're right that it's only a discretionary requirement for the SIR if they think you might claim. I'm just being negative and thinking about what ifs.... especially as I'm at the upper age limit with kids! Hope you hear soon about your visa soon - fingers crossed :)


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      Hi Cari

      Thats ok - there will be plenty more what if's :? think is one of the most stressful things a person can do, but worth it all in the end.

      Good luck and just shout if you get stuck on anything :D




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