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      Redundancy offer for all public servants

      Hi, I have been reading posts on this forum for some time and wonder if anybody can offer any advice about an article in adelaide now detailing possible cuts in Septembers budget which will result in loss of jobs for public servants.

      We are in the process of putting our house on the market and already have a permanent residency visa. I am a nurse with a background in oncology and palliative care, I currently work in a NHS hospice. Cuts in UK have resulted in recruitment freezes meaning that new graduates are finding getting jobs tough and the general feel is if you have a job you hang on to it at the moment.

      I am worried that things in Adelaide might go the same way and I will struggle to get a job - has anyone got any thoughts on this?

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      Anyone? Perhaps nurses already there?

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      wow yes thats abit scary isnt it! I hope that it isnt the case for all of us nurses that are in the process of heading over!

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      Try contacting the PSA Welcome to CPSU, SPSF Group (SA Branch)/PSA Web Site as I recall seeing an email about this. They had an info email about this yesterday and I got the impression that admin/project type jobs would be targetted which would mean then that Drs and Nurses would have to do more admin type work. Also try contacting hospitals themselves in a few weeks when they know more because often they will ask for resumes and sometimes they interview people over the phone.

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      Hi Kris thanks for that link theres loads of information on that site. I found a page about cuts and as you have rightly said it seems to be admin and support staff who will be targeted. As per your suggestion I will contact hospitals direct in a few weeks as although Drs and Nurses jobs won't be cut I'm concerened that they might not actively recruit.

      Hi nicandchris - yes it is a worry - lol this hiking off to the other side of the world lark sure isn't easy is it? How far have you got with the process?




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