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    Thread: Nursing registration

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      Hi im just working through my nursing registration form ie. ielts test booked, written to the HR departments for letters from them confirming my work status over the last 5 years, cv with the managers confirming that its correct for the last 5 years (waiting to give my current manager this) etc etc. Im trying to get all this sorted so that by xmas so that i will (hopefully) have everything that i need to send the form off then, christ its bloody expensive so i dont want to get anything wrong!!

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      IELTS etc

      I know this might be a stupid question but how did you get a job offer before IELTS, nursing reg etc? I am seeing jobs but think they will not be interested unless I am some way into process.
      P.S Any top tips for the IELTS? What did you miss the first time?

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      Hi they were advertisng for RMS in the RCN mag ealier this year and you applied then and went for an interview and then offered a job in Adelaide. In relation to the ielts its very stressful and i thought that id actually not done too badly and passed however as previously mentioned i failed by one point on the reading aspect. There are lots of passages to read and really i dont think much time to answer them all but i would say that cause i got a 6 instead of a 7! Just get an ielts book out and work through it especially the reading part where im hearing lots of people saying that they failed on.
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      Hi, Ive had my skills assessed with ANMC, who have said they will pass papers etc on, when required, but when looking at the AHPRA site, it doesn't seem to allow for this. Now I consider myself a fairly intelligent lady, but this has thrown me some what, any advice.

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      Unfortunately you have to pass the IELTS even if you trained in an english speaking country,its an absolute must.Get it booked and out of the way as soon as you can and my advice is a get an IELTS book and do loads of practicing on the reading section,by far the hardest part.
      Good luck


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