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    Thread: State sponsorship

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      State sponsorship

      Hi All

      Me and the OH are looking to apply for state sponsorship with SA but haven't a clue where to start, could anyone help????

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      That would depend upon what your professions are, and if those professions are wanted by SA ???
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      Quote Originally Posted by david_parry1 View Post
      Hi All

      Me and the OH are looking to apply for state sponsorship with SA but haven't a clue where to start, could anyone help????
      Start by looking at this web site Home :: Make The Move

      This gives more detail about the requirements State sponsorship requirements: South Australia

      SA are not accepting applications at the moment until the SMPs are announced see para C of this page General skilled migration :: Make The Move

      Good luck and I hope the SMPs are announced soon!!!
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      I'm a Electrician???

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      You will need to wait until the state migration an is released which is unlikely to be before September this will have a new list off required occupations for SA and yu can start from there. The SA immigration dept are not currently accepting new applications until the amp is in place so you need to air unfortunately. You can however look into an independent skills migration visa(175) look at the sol list on the immi website. Www. Immi.gov.au to see if your occupation is still on the list then on the same website you can do a points quiz to see if you have the 120 points necessary.
      good luck with it all.
      jc x
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      Sorry about all the duffer spelling I'm typing on the phone In the car andy fingers are too fat for the keyboard!!!! Lol
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      glad you asked this question David. I am due to come out on a working hol visa, and hoping to make a permanent move to SA. SA governemtn at the mo are encouraging people my age (18-30) to come out, in the hopes we'll like it so much that we'll stay.

      The thing that confuses me with this, is that does this again mean we have to have the necessary skills, as a lot of us are coming out and getting jobs where no experience etc is needed.

      If anyone could help clarify this it'd be greatly apreciated :D

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      Working holiday visas are available to anyone who qualifies by virtue of their age. There are no skills restrictions. Many of my UK friends have kids who have done this and you can do no better than to stay at a Backpackers hostel. All the ones I have been into have a jobs board and a travel board where people can post things of interest. Local employers understand this and also post there. There are a few websites you can google about working holidays if you want to get something sorted out before you arrive. It is true that most of the jobs are agricultural or in the winery/fruit picking sectors, though many people get work in bars (you have to get a bar 'ticket' to do this but it is easy, cheap and quick to do - bit like the food hygeine certificate in the UK) or if you have some retail experience and are in busy a tourist area you may be able to work in a surf shop or the like. I have to say that Adelaide will probably be more difficult to get work in than say Brisbane or Sydney, from what I have heard.

      By the way though you can extend your WHV, if you want to migrate (as opposed to 'holiday') you will still have to apply for the appropriate visa at a later date which will involve the skills limitations. As Immigration always say 'this is no path to permanency'!

      Many long term relationships have started with a WHV and ended with de facto spouse ones!
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      As it stands at the moment you need to have a required skill for permenant migration into Australia, but with the new working holidays that are being promoted in the uk I'm thinking that there must be some way for participants to stay permenantly or it would be an unfair method IMO! It's a tricky situation especially as the smp still hasn't been announced the best bet would be to contact immigration directly and ask them.
      JC x

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      Quote Originally Posted by churchj1 View Post
      Sorry about all the duffer spelling I'm typing on the phone In the car andy fingers are too fat for the keyboard!!!! Lol

      I really hope your not driving at the same time Julia...



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