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      Quote Originally Posted by adelaidenow View Post
      Ripped off in IKEA? More likely all the other shops mentioned surely!
      I did not mean Ikea sorry oopss :p
      Michelle, Phil, Nathan, and Libby. PR175 arrived Oct 2009

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      Hi , Baby Bunting is the baby shop someone above was trying to remember, it has everything you will need for a baby.. but Target.com.au is probably the cheapest and Big W always have great priced baby stuff.. they do sell familiar brands etc..
      We ordered our Bed from Le Cornu but we have to wait 6 weeks to get it. and same with some other places, depending if they have what you want in stock.. but a matteress on the floor is doing us well at the mo.. and LeCornu have loads of Matteress' to take on the spot.
      When do you arrive? I have a 8 month old boy and will be selling some items probably at the end of this month when our shipping arrives.. (its taken 12 weeks so far so have outgrown a few things that are on the way.)

      And also ask 'Is this the best price you can do?' (especially if yo uare paying cash) they knock everything down , but only if you ask, and dont feel shy.. we have saved $1000's because of my brothers advice..

      Good Luck
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