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    Thread: Its still 'should we come or should we stay'

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      A little more difficult as it will limit your options. You will find loads of folk on here renting with pets who may be breaking a lease at the time you are ready so keep your eye on the forum.
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      Al ittle further south wouldn't be a bad option either long term. What with the planned extention of the railway and the upgrade of the Southern Express Way it wouldn't be a too bad a journey into work eventually. We are in Woodcroft and Tracey used to commute to the Women and Childrens Hospital which she found to be doable.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Chandan View Post
      Growing up in Australia for the first 20 years of my life all I wanted to do after a holiday to the UK at age 12 was to return to the UK.

      I made that move in 1998 with 100 in my pocket and a one way ticket and a job to go to.. after having a family we moved back to Adelaide in June this year, 12 years later.

      My husband born and bred in London wasnt too pleased about coming and leaving his huge family behind. In fact, I gave him an ultimatium (not suggesting you do that!).
      We made a deal and said we'll try it for 2 years and if worse comes to worse we'll move back to London.. they say the first 2 years will be hard on the old homesickness front , which I do get a little heavy hearted when i think of my life I had in London.

      Our sons eczema has cleared up in the 13 weeks we have been here, we are getting along better as a couple, we still havent received our shipment -which has had its trying moments, we are living off of one modest wage and surviving without going without.

      And living in a huge three bedroom home, in london we could only afford a one bed flat.. so the plus' are up . we Skype Chris' family every sunday so they can see the grandchildren..
      I get sad sometimes and bow my head determined to get on and it all makes it worth while when the sun shines on your face and makes you stop and remember this is what life is all about.
      my hubby took 3 weeks to find a job and away he went, and he is so shy so if he can do it (with no qualifactions, just a grafter) anyone can. the family life/ work balance is so much better here.

      If you do come.. strongly recommend bringing your duvet.. they dont make them like the uk!!

      Good luck and yes, it will be hard work, but you get out what you put in. And if hubby is worried about making friends, Chris has now more friends here than what he had in the UK.. It is a change.. but hopefully one for the better.

      and if it doesnt work out , you can always go back.. UK wont shut its doors on you!

      Good Luck !
      good advice the best iv heard my glass is now half full


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