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    Thread: Extending initial entry date for subclass 475

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      Extending initial entry date for subclass 475

      Hi all,

      We including me, my wife and my son got visa on 5th of March 2010. I am my wife are now living in Darwin but our son is in Nepal with my parents. Its printed in our visa label saying initial entry has to be made before 01 Oct 2010. We have only 10 days left and we can not make it for now.

      Is it possible to extend the initial entry date for my son only. He is just 15 months old.
      If it is not possible , what do we have to do after this date???

      Pease help

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      You need to contact an immigration agent.
      Try www.britishexpats.com. Some agents help on there.
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      I would expect that it is only the primary holder who has to enter before the date. Anything like this though you must speak to the Immigration people - DIAC. Quite honestly you would be mad not to. The earlier you do this the more likely they are to take a lenient view.
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      Yes - please got to the folk who will be the ones to say yes or no and get the definitive answer. They are usually quite human when there is a real problem not of your making. Go to the DIAC website and find a contact phone number/email and keep pestering until you get an answer. An answer from anywhere else will just be speculation and a migration agent would have to do the same as you have been advised to do and would charge you for it.
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      Thanks all for your replies. I think i need to reapply for my child's visa because we cannot bring our child by 1st October 2010.

      I looked at immi.gov.au website, its written that i can add family member by paper Form 1276. It does not clearly talk about processing fee . it just says '
      Family members who are added after a visa has been granted (also known as subsequent entrants), must pay the full first instalment Visa Application Charge (VAC) of their application'. I wonder what will be the actual cost and how long it would take from lodging application and granting visa.




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