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      Missing TRA application

      Having waited 6 weeks for news about my TRA application i contacted my agents last week to let them know i have not heard anything from the TRA in australia.
      so my agents contacted the TRA to find out why no contact has been made.
      The TRA response was "we have no record of this persons application".
      My agent has proof that they received it as they have confirmation from the courior that the TRA signed for it.
      so now i am in limbo untill the TRA reply telling what the situation is.
      fingers crossed now and hope it all comes good
      Has anybody heard of anything like this before?

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      Richard & Amanda
      Hmmmmmmmmmmm got me thinking now.

      We submitted our TRa to agent on 24th Sept and sent it to the TRA board on 1st Oct.
      We still haven't heard anything yet.

      I think we will be chasing this tomorrow then!


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