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      Hi just a quick question, does anyone know what you can be turned down for on a medical? I know its the chest xray, hiv but is it physical health i.e. high blood pressure and such that req medication? I dont think so but my oh asked me and i dont know!

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      I think if you have blood pressure that is higher than the normal range then they may look into it further. Mine very nearly was on the day just due to nerves!! But they re-took it a couple of mins later and it was ok.

      If you on medication for anything - it may or may not require further investigation. Ive got epilepsy (so was expecting them to have to investigate further) but because i been on same medication for years and it is extremely well controlled they didnt bother. Just had to provide a letter from my GP on the day.


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      hi its my oh he has had higher blood pressure for some years but the doctors have always not quite wanted him to be on medication, however its still high and we are concerned that it may have an adverse effect on the medical. Maybe he should talk to his GP about it but he is trying naturally rather than the medication bless him.

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      I had this problem with high blood pressure at the medical. It was supposedly 'under control' but all the stress of the visa process made it that bit too high. After testing it 3 times on the day, I was given a letter for my GP and asked to visit him to review my medication, which I did, and after three successive tests at my local surgery, a letter form my GP confirming it was under control was sent to the medical centre and the visa was approved. It added a couple of weeks, no more.
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      Hi thanks for that, but im wondering if my oh isnt on medication and his blood pressure is high for the medical and he has to go back to the GP for a review and then gets put on medication how long would this take in order for him to be considered ' stable'? He really doenst want to go on medication but his general bp is around 150/100 or a bit higher or lower. hes 45!



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