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    Thread: Beauty Therapist Qualifications

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      ste and cheryl

      Beauty Therapist Qualifications


      I am a qualified beauty therapist and I am hoping to get a job in a beuaty salon. Although someone told my hubby yesterday that my qualifications won't be recognised over here ... is this true? Is there any way of getting round this??


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      Its so complicated same as my hairdresing qualifications! I havnt transfered mine yet but ther is a way, u have to phone skills sa, the number is on internet I think! They wil send u out 3 million forms to fill in, + a fee of about 300 dollars, all your qualifications + referances wait for them to respond, sometimes they call u in for a skills day or an interview which costs a couple of hundred dollars again!
      Best bet is to just apply for jobs most people will be understanding and want u to do a trial. That's what I had to do and I ended up with a job x
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