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      Hiya all

      Is there something my hubby should be doing prior to waiting for the new list for State sponsor, his skills are not on the interim list, but we are really hoping they will be on the new list. We are just wondering if there is something we should be doing before hand.

      He has a positive skills assessment and an AQFIII - what else should we be doing ?

      thanks everyone x

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      Try searching about answers to questions like

      Why u hv selected SA for immigration?

      Vot r job prospects in SA for ur occupation?

      Vot r ur job prospects in SA outside of ur nominated occcupation?

      How u will settle in SA as a new immigrant?

      These type of questions will be asked while lodging online application. So be prepared for these type of questions. I have seen some threads on which it was mentioned that SA refuses sponsorship because answers were mere copy paste from certain websites.



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