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      e457 vs. Paper?... and when to submit?

      I'm duplicating from my PIO post in case anyone on here has some SA experience...

      Just wondering if my employer sent in a paper Sponsorship and Nomination if I can submit for the 457 online? (I don't want to wait for post etc; my employer submitted paper apps as they were advised they take the same time to be evaluated)
      And also if there's any benefit to submitting in either way?

      Also my employer hasn't had the sponsorship approved yet nor has my nomination been accepted, but both have been submitted and he has a CO assigned and is preparing further information for DIAC.
      I'm eager to get the 457 submitted, I have everything almost in order (awaiting a few letters as I'm front loading, they should be here this week) and I want to try and get ahead of the festive rush/ holidays. Do people generally wait for the sponsorship and nomination to come through before submitting? or do i just bang it in and sit back and wait?

      Any advice most appreciated!


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      I know you can submit your app at the same time as the nomination but not sure about then having to get approved as a sponsor first. I wouldn't worry too much as my 457 went through in a week only a few months ago.

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      they say u can send them all in at the same time but i've just discovered (on PIO) that if they submitted via paper then i have to wait for the nomination to be approved before i can submit online as I don't have a TRN!

      I'm wary of sending it by post... i want to be able to check on it's status online etc...

      guess i'll just have to learn to be patient!

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      Hi I have recently got my e 457 visa approved. I did everything on line including scanning and e-mailing documents, it was straightforward. You need yourTRN then lodge your on line application, get your documents you require, but wait until you have a case officer assigned to you then you send documents directly to them, much easier. You can arrange your medicals and get that out of the way again all this is done on-line. It should not make any difference if your employer uses the paper method it is all connected via the TRN number!! Good luck! hope this helps!!!



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