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      Grr IELTS

      had hoped to get IELTS on the 4th of december but booked up yesterday and they got my application today!! grrr....no probs you might say book it for next month but I have my c section on the 6th and the date is the 15th!!

      It is booked now for the 26th of feb after long discussion with the very helpful person in the office about stitches and breastfeeding!! All credit to them for thinking about it since I didn't but they're going to give me a room to express in and everything!!

      Just annoying when although I can fill forms in I can't submit them until I get the IELTS!! At least it's lots of studying time ...image of me babe on breast holding ielts study book in other hand!!

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      I know how that feels, i managed to book an early speaking exam because i was breastfeeding and imagined the pain i would have been in doing the exam all day, took the little expresser in my bag alongside the ielts book for use on the train or bathroom where ever! problem being the lack of sleep before taking the exam which doesnt help! Youll have lots of time reading tho - is your hubby taking an earlier exam or at the same time? x

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      He's booked for the fortnight before but the organiser wasn't sure if that date would go ahead so he will be bumped to the 26th too if it doesn't go ahead. He is taking paternal and parental leave once sprout is born so he'll be off for a month from the 10th of jan so plenty of time to study inbetween nappies and the like. My parents will watch DD and DS if DH ends up on the same day as me...they'll be able to spend the day going round the hunterian museum or Kelvingrove...both favourites of DD and only minutes from the test centre.

      Had a long chat with the organiser about the exam and she was saying much of what you had warned me about where the difficulties lie in the exam and how difficult it really is and where native speakers tend to fall short.

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      Hi, I don't know anything much about babies or breastfeeding as I am currently one of the child-free breed so I can't help with that, but if reassures you any about the IELTS I really didn't think it was anything like as hard as I had been warned - it is just long and takes a lot of concentration and you end up wiht writers cramp from constantly writing when you're not used to it (at least I'm not anyway I do everything at home & work by computer) - but I really don't think it's a hard exam in the way say uni finals or A-levels or hard, you don't need to know anything other than your own language you just need to read and write efficiently and speak clearly and sensibly as if you were talking to a patient or a friend of your parents you haven't met before - so I really wouldn't worry about it, just go and do what they tell you it is very straighforward!

      I hope that was helpful anyway, thanks, Katherine

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      Thanks for that. When I spoke to the organiser I compared it to doing a standard grade (sorry scottish!!) language exam like French or german and she agreed it was a bit like that but listening you only get the cd once not twice or three times as per previous exams.

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      As the previous poster explained as long as you are a fluent English speaker you should have no problems at all with the test. Just concentrate and answer the questions as succinctly as possible. People tend to panick at the word EXAM but there is nothing difficult about conversing in your mother tongue. You can't really study for it all you need to know is the format of the different sections ie listening, letter writing, speaking etc.
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      As ive said before, the exam isnt hard its just aspects of it that can catch you out. The speaking and listening you should sail through and really the writing isnt that hard but its the reading that gets you. I thought that some of the questions were based on your own interpretation rather than factual and i personally didnt think there was enough time. Just answer the questions you know and go back, youll be fine just get some sleep beforehand!

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      Hey Nic!! Does my wife have to do the IELTS as well?? She isn't a nurse? Am i being stupid on my ngiht shift or is this a valid question? Cheers



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