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    Thread: IELTS practice papers

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      Oh well...each to their own opinion but I'm now living the better life in Oz so make of that what you will.

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      oet test

      Quote Originally Posted by jaynem View Post
      Sorry Sarah but I have to disagree. Being British born and educated is no guarantee that you'll pass the IELTS.
      I know of many people who have failed,my advice is to get hold of IELTS book or exam papers and practice,practice,practice.Especially the reading sections,which is the section most people are failing.
      There is a definite knack to the IELTS.
      I passed first time but only because I practised .
      Good luck everyone waiting to do the test.
      i have got the book and the cd and i agree with you english born and breed and higher eduacated i dont not find this easy but i have opted for the oet test which i beleive is different from IELTS as it has 4 catorgories ? am i right ? at an acedemic level god help me dont know why ??

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      ielts test

      Quote Originally Posted by Lil Bev View Post
      Agreed, the reading part is the most difficult. As for the dunce comment, i achieved top grades at school, college and university and i admit i struggled on the IELTs reading. Thankfully i passed first time with very good marks but that was due to practice!

      bmw2705 - PM me your email address and i will send you some practice tests which i found extremely useful, i didn't buy any books as the internet is full of practice tests. Just make sure you know which IELTs test you need as some jobs require the academic test and some require the general test. I did the academic IELTs so the practice tests i have are for academic reading and writing. Everyone sits the same listening and speaking tests whether they are sitting the academic or general. Hope this helps
      sorry am a novice at this but same as you slightly older 50 but rgn and have get the cd etc and find it hard educated in the uk all my life so any help be appreciated i am at present going through ahpra to be registered they have just asked for recognotion from rcn in the uk ie good standard record i have previously applied for jobs in australia but ahve failed to get a sponser i beleive it because im not registerd first i see that you have applied for a job first could you please contact me via e mail as im somewhat confused with the correct procedure to apply for jobs ie regsitration first or job , or sponsership as ive been told different ? wendle 61@sky.com thanks


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