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      working from home in oz

      Hi to you all,

      the company i currently work for are considering i carry on my employment for them in oz, which is nice, but they want me investigate the tax/wages implications first.

      so, if anyone has been in the same situation could you advise your experiences or if there is any of those nice inland revenue people out there that can tell me how i would get paid in oz, what country to pay tax in etc.
      the other option may be to become a supplier of the company i work for and invoice them monthly and then pay tax in oz, but you know what companies are like for paying there suppliers. so i am a bit sceptical about this one.

      many thanks

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      When you start living and working in Oz, you will pay Australian tax irrelevant to where your income is sourced from, have a look at the following site http://www.ato.gov.au/ might help,

      Good luck



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