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    Thread: Little ones on flight from UK - eek!

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      The Dimmocks
      We flew in Feb with our then 4 year old and 2 year old twins. Was really worried about the flight but it went really well. People around us didnt even now we had 4 kids with us until we got up to leave the plane. I would take a spare change of clothes as well for your eldest just in case, ours was sick on second journey and I had a spare pair of shorts but no pants, or shoes which she managed to cover. I personally wouldnt take to much stuff on long plane journey again, we took little bags full of bits and piece to keep them occupied and we never even opened them. Singapore airlines give the kids plenty of things to keep them occupied. It just another thing to carry on and off the planes.

      Good luck on your trip and hope you like what you see.


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      Some good advice been given.

      A few things I do (when on a night flight).

      Always take your childrens PJ's/sleepsuit and sleeping bag or blanket. If boading around 10pm, get them ready for bed before you board and put them in their sleeping bags (if they use them). Then spend a bit of time just rocking them in a quiet corner. Cabin crew should be ok to help bring your handluggage on board if you have to carry your children. Just ask nicely and they usually are happy to help.

      Once on board I'd suggest a dummy (if you use them) or a drink from a bottle (bedtime milk) for during take off and the first 20 minutes or so of the flight. You can also invest in some special ear plugs for young children which can help their ears from having pressure problems. 5ml of Calpol can help (take sachets on board for the flight).

      Then during take off you'll have to have the 1 year olds on your laps so just spend time rocking them a bit, singing or doing whatever you need to to have them settle.

      Our son was asleep before we even took off on the outward leg from LHR to Singapore. He slept for 8.5 hours on that flight. Was brilliant. We put him in his PJ's and sleeping bag and that was his signal for bedtime. By the time our flight left at 10pm he was so tired it didn't take much for him to be asleep.

      Be aware is is very hard work having a young child sitting on your lap for an extended period so if you can get them into the baby rockers or cots then it would really help. Our son didn't fit in the BA baby rocker chair things and so he sat on the one empty seat (the lady in the bulkhead row without a child got bumped up to business class). If you are on a Qantas flight the cots are great as they have a cover to go over them to keep bright light out.

      I swear by bedtime routine and keeping kids in it when flying. Having them sleep in their daytime clothes is often more effort than spending 10 minutes before boarding getting them ready for bed.

      Don't be afraid to give 5ml of Calpol half an hour before take off either. Often the ear pressure can hurt them and it does help.

      I also put in a few small packs of cereal our son likes for breakfast and just got into the timezone changes as quickly as possible. Airline food isn't great for under 3's I've found. We asked for a proper childrens menu for him (over 3) as we never fed baby food per se to him and he has just always eaten what we have. So we took some cereal packs for him and plenty of good snack foods. The menu for under 3's was a bit bleh. Take as much as you can food wise for your younger ones. Also you can buy some cartons of formula once you've cleared passport control.

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      We came over with a 1, 3 and 5 year old. Night Flights were the key for us. Hours excitement on the plane and then bang out like a light. We stopped off in HK for 3 days to try and break it up a bit. For us it helped as it meant only the flights a few days apart and some relaxation in between. Wont work for everyone though.

      HK to Adelaide was a nightmare. We had our son in the basin and a korean kid whose mother was 8 isles away. Not fun but we had no choice.

      We have flown Cathay and Singapore and Singapore were by far the best. Cathay were ok just not 1st class.

      Good luck though as it will be tough with twins. Worth it though.

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      Quote Originally Posted by fluxsta View Post
      As the time to visit on our reccie approaches, I'm getting more and more nervous about the prospect of taking our 1 year old twins (on laps) and 4 year old on the flghts.

      We have 2 stops - Singapore and Perth, whch breaks it up a bit, but I wondered if anyone had any tips on how to keep them entertained on the flight and also HOW TO GET THEM TO SLEEP!! Are flights generally full? Anyone ever wrangled an upgrade by begging?? .....Feel that one of our fellow passengers may have committed manslaughter by the time we get there!

      Any tips would be gratefully received!!!

      Catherine your post reflects exactly how we were feeling before we came over....I have 4 boys - 12, 8, 6 and 18 months (on my knee).
      Firstly you have booked the best airline for kids. They were amazing..we flew Heathrow - Singapore - Adelaide. Both flights youngest had a seat and Singapore to Adelaide gave us 3 seats for him to lie across. If he cried they came over offering food, milk or toys. Seriously I could not fault them and inflight entertainment for the older ones kept them busy. Night flights mean lights are dimmed and they create atmosphere for sleeping.
      Like everyone said take some toys that they haven't seen before. I was so paranoid about the poor people that would be sitting around us, however I took the approach that anyone travelling economy class has to make allowances for any types of passengers, be it babies, kids, adults or pensioners. If they really hate kids that much upgrade to a suite!! (Obviously if the parents are not bothering to reprimand bad behaviour - thats another story/debate).
      Luckily the older kids were great, however the baby did get a bit upset, however we made sure that we distracted him with toys and books etc and he did sleep.
      Hope this helps

      Good luck


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      There are plenty of kids films throughout the flight. Whenever I fly with my son I give him some calpol about 20 mins before take off to settle him. My advice is to check in online and choose your seats. The best ones are a row of 4 in the middle of the plane and they have a wall behind them, should make sense when you see the seat plan. These allow you to put the seats right back but nobody is affected behind you so the kids have more room.

      Good luck with the flight! Its not as bad as you think and its for a good cause.


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      the terry's
      When we went with our then 2 yr old, we caught the 10pm flight to Adelaide, which made life a bit easier as she was cream crackered by the time the lights went out. We also took some paper and stickers (the cheap one's you get in most supermarkets) which also worked a treat (until the person in front put their seats back and ended up crushing me against my seat as I had all the bits and bobs on the table).

      Try and ask for the seats behind the barrier in the middle row, when we went there were two cribs which in your case if your twins do fall asleep at least you'll be able to put them down and have some play time with your 4 yr old, anyway hope all goes to plan and you have a quiet flight.

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      Magic! Thanks very much, we are kind of hoping that we can display the 'exhausted parents' look and receive some good seats and sympathy!! We will try and get those seats, and from feedback it appears that Quantas as an airline are very helpful and obviously used to dealing with children. I am sure they will be keen to make sure most other passengers are not disturbed as well! Thank you for your best wishes...........


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