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    Thread: Where should I start or use/go for a 176 visa

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      Where should I start or use/go for a 176 visa

      Hi all,

      Whats the best receipe...

      Its just me trying to get out on a 176 visa. I have distant relatives in North Haven who have agreed to put up with me till Im sorted with a job etc... I have been in contact with 3 agents who tell me different things and prices...

      I would like to know if there is any 176 visa applicants or someone to guide me through and where the best place is to start.

      The only thing that worries me is an old police record....(Joke in there somewhere).. It was 18 years ago....Ive been good ever since....honest..Im 37 years young now..

      I obvously want the best deal but I dont want to have things messed up by missing a tick box etc...

      I am being laid off at the end of the month and I will use the money from this and sell my car to fund the 176 visa.

      Trying not to bore everyone but its all so scary and I am unsure which way to go...

      Please convince me..


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      Are you planning on getting a state or family sponsored 176?

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      Its going to be State sponsored... The family are to distant to include as close enough..

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      Ah, well I don't know too much about state sponsorship, as mine is a family sponsored visa, but I believe that you have to get your state sponsorship approved before you can apply for a visa. So you may want to get on it now.

      This website should explain everything - Home :: Make The Move
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      For the 176 state sponsorship you get your skills assessed then apply for state sponsor. Once you have those you can apply for an actual visa.

      You have to have the right amount of recent experience in your skill and be under 45 etc.

      If you phone australia house in london they should tell you whether your police record would be ok or not as it really depends on what you were in trouble for. Usually anything violent is a no go but smaller driving type offences are ok. You have to have a police check as part of the process anyway.

      Hope this helps.

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      Hi There, It was a minor offence 18 years ago.. First time too and all the agents that I have approached have said that there will be no problem.

      Today I was told:
      Skills assessed - 16 weeks
      Then 4-6 weeks for state sponsor.
      Then 13 months for Visa.
      At the moment my trade is on the interim list but a new one is due out in the next couple of days (so Im told). If it stays on the list it will be great as the new system is out in July...Who knows then
      I also need to get the ilets test grade 7. Should be ok but you just dont know.....

      So whatever happens it looks like I will still be here this time next year...

      The big question still remains.. Do it all myself or pay someone to do it...

      Any little bits of encouragement would be good.


      Big E



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