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      Big E

      How Much money is required..ball park...

      Hi again, Just another question....hopefully quick one...

      How much money do I legally need in savings to emigrate on a 176 visa.

      I have somewhere to live (distant relatives)... until I can cope on my own....

      I picked up on it saying $20000 but I am on my own with somewhere to stay.

      Thanks in advance..

      Big E

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      Family CompositionTotal fundsCash or savings component
      Main applicant only AUD$ 25,000 total assests and AUD$ 20,000 cash savings
      Main applicant plus one (1) dependent AUD$ 30,000 total assests and AUD$ 20,000 cash savings
      Main applicant plus two (2) dependents AUD$ 35,000 total assests and AUD$ 20,000 cash savings
      Main applicant plus three (3) dependents AUD$ 40,000 total assests and AUD$ 20,000 cash savings

      Assets can include property, cars, caravans etc.

      I cut and pasted this from the SA immi website (as im not too sure how to do the link thing) hope this helps. We had to send bank statements to prove to them that we had the actual funds there.
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      Not sure if there is a legal limit..

      Morning, thanks for getting back.

      If you have a job lined up and a place to live lined up do you still need to prove how much you have.

      This could be a massive stumbling block for me as I will be living with (relatives who cant sponsor me) but are willing to look after me. It going to be hard to get a job without being at the interview. (You want to see where your going etc).

      I dont think it will take me long to find a job but you never know. Can I include my moving address on my application. Will that help. I have heard that you need to show that you can support yourself for 2 years because your not intitled to benefit. I have someone who is willing to put a roof over my head aswell as feed me..

      Thanks again,

      Big E

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      Hi there.

      I have a 176 visa, and at no point throughout the process have I been asked how much money I have. Even when arriving in Australia. If they had expected me to have $20,000 then I'd have just shown them my bank account with $200 in!!

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      Thanks Leigh..

      Thanks Leigh..How long did it take from start to finish for your 176. I have been intouch with Ian Harrop and they are telling me to get my application in by the start of Feb as with the rule changes in July I might struggle...


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      My hubby will be the main applicant and we have 3 kids so I assume we would be 1 main plus 3 dependents? Also, do we have to have $40,000 in assets PLUS $20,000 cash?

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      Seem to be getting a mixed bag here

      Hi all, Been speaking to Ian Harrop today and he said that you need to show savings ie: bank statement signed by your bank manager. He was the one who started my question about this. Will be very interesting to see if everyone else who is already in Aus had to produce proof of savings...


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      We did not arrive on that visa but i think we got asked to show how much we had.

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      We have definately had to prove our savings and asset status to DIAC with our 176 application. I don't know if they ask everyone to provide these details, but we had to send bank statements, wage slips, tax remittance advice and mortgage payment details etc.

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      I would be staying with relatives (who cant sponsor because they are distant, more like friends). I know I dont have $20,000 in savings. I would be lucky to have $5000. Is this going to be my downfall..... What happens when you dont have any assets, just the cash...and does it need to be bang on $20,000 or a couple of grand less would be ok.... Answers on a post card please.....

      Thanks again,

      Big E
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