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      staying here in adelaide

      hi guys, can someone please help
      my brother is here visiting and is due to return to the uk next week, is there any chance he can apply for a visa to stay longer here and how do we go about it?
      any help will be much appreciated

      sue xxxx

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      Have a look a the official site for info. Under Visitors.

      Visas, Immigration and Refugees

      If he is on a 6 months tourist visa he can stay till it expires. I don't think its easy to change visa's once in Australia, at least not if you are on a tourist visa.

      IIRC once 6 months is up you have to renew and they can extend. However, it may be a person has to actually leave Australia and return to activate a new tourist visa. That used to be the case years ago, but may well have changed by now.

      If he is aged 18-30 there is always the working holiday visa but that needs to be sorted from the UK and funds etc in place with proof of it all and a return ticket.

      You can also look into the sponsorship stuff but am again not sure if that can happen if he is already in on a tourist visa.

      Anyways, the official site will have all the info you need.



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