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      Trouble logging onto visa tracker

      I'm having trouble getting onto the visa status tracker online, it just keeps coming up with your service is temporarily unavailable. Everytime this has happened before there has been some sort of update on it. Has anyone else had this? I know they were due to start allocating case officers on Monday. I had my TB appt this morning and got signed off as ok so we are now good to go. Am I getting myself unneccessarily excited for nothing or does anyone think we may be moving up a notch with our application?????
      Fingers crossed.

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      After reading your post I gave it a go and it's saying the same for me too. We applied for the 887 visa on 20 Dec so I'm hoping we might have an updated status soon. Was your visa application sent online to Brisbane too? Not sure what to expect in respect of recent flood probs and their office being temporarily closed...

      Patience is everything
      Good luck with your application

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      Hi, we are being processed in Adelaide, maybe its just a general update of the system, but its nice to think that we may be moving on a bit!!
      Good luck with yours too xxx



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