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    Thread: Sa ss - money!!!

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      Talking Sa ss - money!!!

      Hi, the Rimmers again (I love this site - people sooooo helpful!! SO thanks to you all!!) a quick question for you - regarding the money side of things for the SS, do we actually have to have the money upfront ie: house money cars etc etc, do we have to show savings (not that we have any as being spent on visas!!) as we will be selling house this year and going into rental, then down the line we will sell cars etc, but what do SS actually need to see? Any help/advice would be gratefully received!! Cheers Helen

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      Hi, they need to see what you have in assets (I think a mortgage statement will do for that so you don't need to seel until you're ready) but you need to be able to show you have the $20,000 ready in the bank. We are about to apply as soon as the quals come back, good luck with everything :)
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      The Dimmocks
      We got our state sponsorship back in May 2009 and didnt have to show any proof of what money we had. We had to fill out the form saying how much money would get from cars, what money would be left once house sold and savings we had etc. But we never had to produce any statements. The form was signed by hubby and witnessed by a solicitor.

      Good luck with your application.


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      OOh, that's good to know...fingers crossed they don't want to see ours. Havent got that much lying around!



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