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    Thread: Passport in Maiden Name

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      Passport in Maiden Name

      Can anyone advise me whether I need to apply for my visa in the same name as is on my passport ? It is still in my maiden name as I only got married 2 years ago, and 6 months into a new passport.

      I am now confused as to whether all my evidence needs to be in my maiden name or my married name - as long as I provide a copy of my marriage certificate, will this be ok ?

      Help - this may delay things alot if I have to get my passport changed too !!


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      Personally, I would apply for a new passport in your married name, and start the visa application in that name.

      Apart from the fact it may confuse DIAC that you're married but don't want the visa in your married name, once the visa is granted, I don't think they'll change the name, which could cause complications in the future.

      I can't see it delaying things that much if you renew your passport in your married name. I sent mine off whilst in the UK last Wednesday, and it was back the following Wednesday.

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      Thankyou - I thought I was being really organised and it's thrown a small spanner in the works !!! I'll get it sent off asap !!

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      Apply for your visa in the name you generally use and the one that you are known by. So, if you use your married name then go with that with explanatory note and copy wedding certificate.

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      you can have your visa and passport in what ever name you choose to use but the visa is only going to be issued in the name on your passport. soif you intend on updating your name when the passport exires anyway i would definatly do it now. we got married the year before we came i left it until the last minute to change the passport which confused diac and the visa was issued in my maiden name and i had already booked flights,so found myself in australia house london 2 days before the flight querying the visa and having to have it autherised to be changed lol so do it early save the hassle!!!
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      Thankyou - it's pretty much sold to me that changing my passport will make most things run more smoothly !! Off to the post office tomorrow !

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      Sounds like you're already sold, but just to add to this, your passport will be your only valid form of ID when you get to Australia, so everything you do in Australia will be in the name on your passport, if you're wanting to change to your married name, then it's far easier to do this now than have to change everything at a later date.



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