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      my husband is a plumber and just completing the Tradeset online. He doesnt work with gas, but it says he must be able to work with gas to get through just this stage
      Anybody else had this problem? he can do some things with gas but not a lot as hes not corgi reg here so doesnt have the need!
      It doesnt look like we will get trough even the easy stage of this long process

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      Hi, my OH is a plumber without corgi so he thought he would have to do the roof plumbing section (even though it isnt really used as a plumber in UK) anywhay, when he got to trade assessment they told him not to worry that he didnt have corgi and that the gas section was quite straight forward. He passed it anyway and was so plesed. It seems that no one in UK does roof plumbing section. If you want more details about what is tested you could pm us and he will tell you more about it. Hope this helps Jane



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