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    Thread: step children

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      step children

      so many questions to ask....

      We are hopefully aplying for a visa 176 through my husband as he is the one with a trade on the sol list. I have a daughter from a pervious relationship who will also be coming with us, does this make things differcult?

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      Advice on step children.

      Hi there, good luck on doing you visa application, but about the step children, i can only tell you about my own situation, but i had my ex husband go to a solicitor and get a letter wrote stating that he was happy for my children to emmigrate, got it signed and that was satisfactory for the aplication, without any problems at all.

      Tracy x x x:D
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      Step Kids

      Hi, we are in the same position, my OH a Metal machinist, going under 176 ss visa to SA, what you have to do is if the father of your daughter is agreeable to you migrating with her and has no issues with it all, all that has to be done is he has to give his written permission by way of a Statutory Declaration, basically saying he has no objections to you migrating with her, he signs this in the presense of a solicitor who also signs it, costs about 10 to get witnessed and signed by the solicitor. So if the father is okay with it, it bears no problem with the visa application, I have 4 children from my first marriage and my ex husband is fine with us migrating so all that needs to be done is to get his written permission down on paper and signed. Its if he does not want you to migrate with her, thats when its a bit more complex!! Hope that helps!! Helen
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