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    Thread: state sponsorship

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      state sponsorship

      Has anyone gone through state sponsorship?
      Is it hard to get one etc? I read somewhere you need to have at least $35k in savings/bank account to be able to get a state sponsorship?
      I know you have to stay in that state for 2 yrs but I can handle that!
      any advice would be great

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      Hi Liquorice,
      we're looking at ss and i think it depends on which thread you read to be honest :S some have had to show proof of assets/savings some haven't :S depends on who you officer is i think or what day it gets read ! some people have 'borrowed' the money from rellies to sit in the bank so you can show you have the money, obviously if you have a house to sell ( which we dont ! ) you only need to show mortage agreement or borrow someones deeds lol
      which part of salop are you from ? my mum is in Ludlow :D

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      We arent far from Ludlow, we are in a small village called Highley nr to bridgnorth.
      We dont have a house to sell either but Thanks for the tip!
      At what stage are you? We havent even started yet just looking into everything first, which is blind blowing!
      My husband is a plumber so needs to take a vatassess assessment before we can apply for SS or visa but they arent doing the next practicals until August time and by then the new point system has come in, not sure how it will effect us.
      I have spoken to a few agents but not sure what to do next?!

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      I have applied for ss and you have to fill a declaration form basically stating the assets that you have , savings ,car, house etc.
      You then have to get this authorised by a solicitor. I tried the bank but they refused point blank to sign it.
      You are simply stating that you will be self sufficient when you arrive in auz.
      I think $35,000 is the min but i may be wrong.
      Hope this helps.

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      oh i know where highley is :D used to go to the cinema in Bridgnorth quite a lot lol small world isnt it,
      we're just beginning,looking at costs of everything and ss, my oh is a bricklayer and i'm a hairdresser so we shouldnt find it too difficult to secure jobs ( we hope :S) but we also have a 9 yr old son, so im a stay at home home mum at the moment and we're struggling on one wage here :( and the work down here is very sparse :( i've done a rough calculation on costs to get us there (visa, med & police checks etc) and so far its up to 11,000 :O and that's without factoring our sons Pug lol,

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      it is a small world, Ive spend many a friday night as a child at Bridgnorth cinema.
      I work as a sales manager in a department store so dont have any skills on the SOL list, should of done hairdressing myself, did think about but did an nvq in beauty therapy instead.
      I have been in touch with some agents and with their costs it comes to just over 6k, but we cant afford that but may be the only way to get there?!
      My husband Chris is 42, 43 this yr so we need to get our skates on. I have a 15 yr old daughter shes doing her GCSE's next year!

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      I'm going to do all the leg work myself and save the agents fees, to be honest as a stay at home mum i have the time to go searching and getting paperwork done etc and if you look on here at as many posts as you can ( like i've been doing this last week lol) i think a lot of people have done the process themselves if you have a straight forward application anyway and if you go on ss the SA government will do a 'meet & greet' thing when you get there anyway, make yourself a list of things that need to be done in which order and tick off each one as you do it, the au government website has everything you need to know on it and in which order it has to be done, i was reading a thread yesterday and one lady had put up an extremely long list of things that need doing and it was fab ! ( i'm going to copy it for us :D) I'm the older one in our relationship ( 40 this year :O) and my oh has just turned 30, so i'm hoping if we dont get our app in before Aug we will still have a chance :D

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      Ive just had 3 days leave last week and off again today and spent all the time on the internet, dont know about you by head is all over the place and this is all I can think about lol....it will all be worth it in the end. I'm thinking of going to do an evening course for something that is on the sol list if it help? (nvq) As long as we start to apply before end of next year when Chris will be 44 in the august, we will then have 12 mths to get assessment and SS completed. I'm so glad Ive found this site, it has been great. Ive just asking lots of questions! Trouble is I'm so impatient lol

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      hope you dont mind me asking, where will i find the thread with the list of things that need doing?

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      yeah it will all be worth it :D, i've been looking at local jobs and there are loads of beauty therapy jobs ! maybe you could just update the quals you already have ? it wont take as long then :D
      i have no idea where i found it lol but will have a look now and see if i can find it again :S i'm impatient too all we have to do now is save :( good job you dont have to pay for everything upfront or we would never be able to go !


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