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      plumbers Vatassess or TRA?

      My OH is a general plumber with no gas experience, who does he need to be assessed by Vatassess or TRA?
      He has no qualifications just experience (10yrs)
      Any ideas?

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      I'm sure he can be assessed by either of them, the price is roughly the same (1298. & 1300. :O)

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      Thanks again, I told you I was confused about it all
      I have have also done the retail side, I have been an account manager for Benefit cosmetics and now I manage all the beauty hall as well as the fashion accessories dept, shame retail management doesnt come op anywhere on SOL Id be ok then.
      Now looking into getting myself a qualifaction to help. I have just seen how the new point score is going to work come 1st July, dont think we will get enough points but goin to find out via an agent if theres anywhere we could get extra points

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      lol sounds like we're as confused as one another ! where did you see about the new points scoring system ? i could do with looking to see if we need to get our skates on sooner rather than later :D

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      I'm just off to work, Ill have a look when I get home and let you know tonight. Did you say your husband had a skilled trade? If so he will have to do an asessesment and Vatasess arent doing the next one until August and you need to of done that and applied for SS before you can apply for your visa?!
      Hope that makes sense
      Speak later

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      Hi :D
      Hes a bricklayer so will have to sit the test ,at least he doesn't have to do the ielts test :D , we're waiting on a tax rebate from the inland revenue before we can book anything ! and you know what their like but August will be about right for us actually depends on when we have to apply to sit it though :S



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