Hi guys,

I passed it 1st time in November. But I think I was lucky to be honest. I wouldn't underestimate it if I was you. There was English people there who were professional people yet were on their 2nd and 4th attempt! The best advice I had was to practice scan reading for the comprehension tests as time is a huge problem for some in that section. The listening you have to be really sharp with as already said, some things could have a number of meanings; you just need to choose the one thats used in english everyday talk. In my test I had to write 2 letters; 1 to a friend, telling her I had bought her a gift for her new home and explain why I had bought that gift in particular and describe it in detail etc (it was to demonstrate i could describe things and write appropriately to a friend). The 2nd letter was to complain about something to a company (again its showing your ability to converse at all levels, using correct grammer). My hand was really aching - you don't stop writing. Do the trial ones on line, they are helpful. Good luck.