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    Thread: Ielts

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      How easy is it to get an IELTS 8, or isnt it?
      I'm native to the UK and English is my first language, I managed to get a c in GCSE?

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      Do you have the practice materials? I haven't sat mine yet but am sitting the academic version on 12th Feb. From the practice materials it seems more like a foreign language GCSE would be. There are a few things that could trip you up e.g. a lady saying she had a paperback in her lost bag on the listening test and the answer to select was book but as a native speaker it doesn't look too difficult. But, as I said I haven't actually sat it under pressure yet. If you are sitting the test after me I'll be happy to pass on my copy of the practice materials which I got from someone on PIO.

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      Thanks that would be great. I havent booked on yet. Still talking with agents to see if we will get enough points on the new points system that comes into play on the 1st July. It looks like we may be short of 10 points?!

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      I didn't study at all and got an overall score of 9...I wouldn't worry too much...although check with others too!

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      I have to sit the academic version as a requirement from the CPAA for my skills assessment. I also have to pass it for SS for my occupation.

      I'll let you know how I get on in 2 weeks and if you pm me your address I'll forward you the materials when I'm done with them.

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      Thanks alot, be really grateful.
      PM me when youve sat them.
      GOOD LUCK!!!

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      If you are a native English speaker then you will have no problem passing the test. In my opinion there is no need for all the practice material, it just makes people panick. Just try to find out the format of the various stages. I didn't do any preparation, just turned up and listened very carefully to what was required. Passed with all 9's, easy.
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      This sounds positive, as i have tried several practice tests off the internet and to be honest i will be lucky to get a 7-7.5. I distinctioned in my HNC I would like to think I am fairly academic. I am hoping the practices are actually harder. Unless I have the scoring wrong a 9 is 39/40 out of 40 and you have to do 4 section listening/reading etc so to get a 9 overall a near on perfect test is needed? 35 is approx 8. Lots of revision on how to look and listen to the key words, I haven't done the test yet but on the practice already my advise is to read the questions and be confident you know what you are listening for, before you listen to the audio. Also make sure you write exactly what they say.

      Anyway, well done to those who passed with flying colours and good luck to those about to take it. It's looking like April/May is the soonest i can get my test in the centres closest to my location. So I will wait for July changes before I apply.



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      I sit mine on the 26th and hubby sits his on the 12th (Pand-v are you in Glasgow? I just know the date wasn't nec going ahead). I have had a look through the practice materials and have averaged a score of 90% however I think everyone is different and will struggle in different ways.

      My key advice given to me and I agree is that complacency is the enemy....expecting it to be easy would be the daft..prepare as much as you feel you need to but at least familiarise yourself with the test. The woman in the IELTS office ( who I ended up chatting to for ages because at the time I was pregnant and now have a newborn so had to organise how I feed tojo while sitting the test!!) said that the most common mistake is expecting that you will find it easy because you speak english as a first language.

      My experience of the test material is that it is truly dependent on the material given to read and your interest in that subject matter.


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      I'm sitting the test in Sunderland next week. I also spoke to the woman on the phone for ages because I have a 7 month old and she was great offering me somewhere to feed him before the test and between the morning and afternoon sessions. I'm just going to make sure I have enough expressed milk though as she has promised me a fairly early speaking test so that I can get away to feed him and I'm sure he'll be ok in between. He's on solids now and on a bit more of a schedule so a couple of oz of expressed milk will be enough.

      I'm fairly confident with the listening and reading because I can practice those. It's more the speaking and writing because it's very difficult to practice and especially with the speaking I can imagine it is quite difficult for a native speaker as you are more likely to use colloquialisms.


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