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      loans & Credit cards

      Has anyone had loans or balances on CC in the Uk when leaving to go to Australia, how have you found paying them back? with the exchange rate I'm guessing you will end up paying more back??

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      Hi there, it doesn't cost more at the mo to pay back but it costs $15 a month to make the payments. We have to do ours monthly as a clause for letting us keep the UK bank account open and running we have to pay money in every month!!! I am waiting for the day we get our PR visas so we can transfer the loans over here, and hopefully lose a few thousand dollars in the transfer process at the same time!!

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      Thanks for that, We would prob keep our back account in the UK too!

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      What happened to people who just disappeared and don't pay back their debt? I had a friend who did that and it seems too easy that people could just make debt and then leave the country...surely it must catch up with you at some point..?

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      Well... i did think of doing that but dont think I could live with myself. I have known alot of people to do it and had never been caught up with....makes you think?!

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      Im afraid to say but people who try to skip countrys and not pay there depts are silly.
      I went through this trying to help a mate out last year.
      Banks and other organisations now sell depts to forign dept collection agencys and thats what happend to my mate. He had an unpaid loan with loyds and though he could get away with it however they tracked him down using things like facebook, poms in adelaide, msn friends re-united and other things.
      If ya on the net you will always leave a trace and its pretty easy to track people down.
      Now he has had to take a loan from his bank here and pay them off but we did manage to get a lot knocked off what he owed but now has a black mark agaist his name for 3 years in the UK.

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      Thanks for that, I cant see how ppl can get away with it not in todays world!!

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      Honesty is the best policy don't you think?Through other forums I've heard too many times (and OP I'm not saying you're one of these people)people asking if they can jump ship on paying debts.They have ways and means now of tracking people down quite easily,and really would you want to move 10,000 miles away always looking over your shoulder?If you can't afford to pay off debts before moving I guess you have to ask yourself,can you afford to move at all?????

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      Australian companies can't collect debt originated from the UK. But as many people aren't familiar with the law, and the debt collection companies use scare tactics, many people pay up.

      Not repaying a debt is a civil wrong. And you can only be told off for a civil offence in the country in which the offence took place.

      It's still wrong though, and I'd never suggest it to anyone, it's not worth the hassle you will get from companies tracking you down and trying to scare you into paying up.

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      Your all right its not worth it and I would never recommend anyone to leave it all behind.I only wanted to know it it was more expensive paying it off while in auz?!
      Thanks for your help



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