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    Thread: Process/plan - does this sound reasonable?

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      Process/plan - does this sound reasonable?


      We are currently looking into migration to SA. We aren't planning on using an agent as I think my application should be fairly straightforward but just wanted some opinions on the following plan and to see if some of the assumptions I have made are correct.

      My husband is an Information Security Specialist and we could probably get around the RPL with the amount of qualifications he has such as CISSP/CISM/MCSE however he has extensive experience in this field and some of his qualifications were gained too early for ACS to recognise them.

      This being the case we have opted for the easier option of applying for the visa under my skilled occupation of management accountant so the plan is as follows: -

      Both CPAA and SA require me to have a minimum score of 7 in all areas of the IELTS. CPAA require me to pass the academic version and so I have booked to sit the exam on 12th Feb.

      Hopefully I will get the result I need within 2 weeks so by the end of Feb will be able to apply to CPAA for my skills assessment. As far as I can see all that CPAA require from me are my CIMA membership certificate (as CIMA is affiliated with CPAA and therefore they have already assessed the suitability of the syllabus) and a copy of my IELTS report. If I am wrong please correct me on this front! CPAA reckon the skills assessment takes 10 days. I'm assuming it will take longer because I have to send docs to them and mail is slooooow.

      The next step would then be for me to apply for SS with SA. Now, Management Accountant requires a minimum of 3 years experience. Looking at the FAQs it states that this must be post qualified experience. My CIMA membership certificate is dated 7 May 2008 so I'll need to hang fire and apply for SS after this date. Now the question is that as far as I can see SA are not asking for references as back-up documentation for my nominated occupation. Am I correct in thinking that SA will assess my application on the basis of the skills assessment from CPAA and my CIMA membership certificate? The reason I ask is that I have just been made redundant whilst on maternity leave (completely illegal but that's another story lol) so I'm currently not gaining any experience between now and May if I don't find another job.

      Whilst SA are assessing my application I should strart getting my documents together for the 176 application so that I can lodge very quicly after getting SS. Am I correct in thinking that this is the point I will need references? I can see my old employer being slow about sending them out as I have contested their decision to make me redundant and they are slow responding to everything! I am hoping I don't need references before this point so that if I request them now then even the slowest of companies would have sent me them by this point (famous last words!).

      Sorry for the long post. Any thoughts or insight would be greatly appreciated.

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      I'm also a CIMA Accountant sitting IELTS Academic on 12th Feb in Edinburgh, and will then follow this with an online application for skills assessment with CPA, so our plans are the same as yours.

      As far as I can gather State Sponsorship will only require the skills assessment from CPA. I was interested to read your point about 3 years experience having to be post qualified, what set of FAQ's are you looking at that states this? Reason I ask is that the agent that we are considering using is saying that pre-qualification eperience can also count, and they have been succesful in visa applications for applicants within 12 months of them qualifying.

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      On the Sa website Frequently asked questions : General skilled migration :: Make The Move about halfway down it states

      Q. Can I count voluntary employment to meet the work experience criterion?
      A. No as work experience must be at the skilled level for a total of at least one out of the last two years. Some occupations may require work experience in the nominated occupation (check this website). Only employment that is paid and at the appropriate level (that is after all qualifications have been achieved and recognised in your skills assessment to be to the skilled level) will be recognised towards meeting the work experience criterion.

      It's good to know someone is going through the exact same process - keep in touch and let me know how you get on.
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      Thanks for this. Will stay in touch to see how we're both getting on.

      Regarding sending documents to CPA for the skills assessement, I read somewhere (think it was CIMASHERE) that if you give the CPA office in London a call, you can send the documents to them and they will then send them onto Australia, along with all their couried mail, therefore making in cheaper and probably quicker.

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      The other option will be to go for Finance Manager which doesn't require the 3 years experience but is the job I have actually been doing for the past 5 years. The only problem is that if SS doesn't come through then Finance Manager isn't on the list for a 175 visa.



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