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      jill wright

      Awaiting State Sponsorship

      Hi everyone new to all this so please be patient. Phil has had his skills successfully assessed and we are now awaiting sa state sponsorship. We were wondering whether to bother with an agent (really to save money) as the regional state temporary visa application seems straight forward!!!!! Any thoughts on this eagerley accepted as there are million and one things we need to know

      Phil(nearing40)Jill(even nearer)Lucy(15)Daniel(11) Thomas(6)

      West yorkshire

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      Welcome to PIA.
      We are in a similar situation to you in that we are just starting to get things going, but you seem to be one step ahead of us in that you have had an assessment.

      We are in Wakefield, where are you from?

      How long have you been investigating/going through things?


      Mark and Shelley + 3 Kids.....

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      Hi Jill

      If you're in the application process then I personally wouldn't worry too much about not having an agent. If you want to ask any questions then email Immigration SA or give them a call direct. Make a list of the things you want answering and take the plunge - they are really nice people. Let me know if you need help.

      Home2Home Settlements

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      jill wright
      Hi Mark and Shelley
      We are not far from you in Ossett infact. We started investigating emigrating two years ago which was when Phil(who is a Baker) successfully had his skills assessed by the tra. We put things on hold for various reasons but now are ready to pursue it and are awaiting state sponsorship. Its all very daunting espeicially with kids ages and a big decision all round but nothing gained nothing ventured

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      jill wright
      Hi Judy too

      Thanks for your reply think this website will prove invaluable and your offer of help much appreciated

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      Hi Jill and welcome to the forum :v_SPIN:

      We used an agent but only because our TRA was a nightmare - for the sponsorship and visa application itself I would go alone. It can all be done online and from what I remember was fairly painless ;)

      Good luck and just shout anything you need help with

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      jill wright
      HI Lisa
      Thanks for the welcome sounds like getting the TRA out of the way ourselves was a major hurdle!!! Bring on the next stage and yes think we will go it alone with application. Thanks too for offer of help our major concern is the kids in particular oldest two as they are settled at school and have a good circle of friends. Any thoughts Lisa you or anyone else out there how they easy/hard they will find this

      Jill(will Put some smiley faces on etc when get the hang of it bit of a novice at mo!!!!!!!)

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      Cannot help with kids of older ages but our 5 year old settled in absolutely fine. She had a bit of a wobbly patch while we were waiting for the container to arrive as everything familiar to her was gone but as soon as she had her things about her that was it

      We were playing down the beach the other day and she said she loves it here and never wants to go back to england as it rains too much there :o out of the mouths of babes eh. Now it is like she has always been here and having just started school full time seems to be growing in confidence all the time and has made lots of new friends here :D



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