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Thanks Lisa, that's really helpful - will start it today. I'm off work at the moment - slipped on ice going to work in hospital!! #tib/fib!! So i've got plenty of time to get on with it. I was going to attempt to apply for everything myself following advice from other PIA's. We always had in mind to apply for 176 visas to get the security from the start, but being in our mid 40's and with the visa's taking so long I am concerned. We too have a soon to be 11 yr old boy, which area are you considering to live? We went out this time last year and loved it. Thanks again. Bev
Hi Bev, with hindsight we could have done the skills assess ourselves but had already paid agent to do as pretty straight forward & SS was very easy too. Main visa, looked into it and didnt want to do that one but as you say there are loads who have and who can advise. We have never been to SA, wanted Perth visited WA and loved it but due to changes when the SMP came out we could no longer apply. Could have probally done employered sponsored with WA but need security with a family!! Hubby likes Hallett Cove, i liked Copper Cove and Aldinga beach. Where did you visit.. you could probally advise us on areas.

Bugger about the #!! bet your off for a while, ppl will do anything to get out of work where theres blame theres a claim!!
Lisa x