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      We have a co!!!!

      Wow, words cannot describe how I feel today I have had the official request from Team 4 for Police Checks & Medicals. I thought this day would never come, and here we are

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      Lucky You! Congrats! That's been really quick (from you signature timelime...is that right?)


      Can't wait until we get ours!

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      Hi Calstar
      Slip of the fingers what with all the excitement! We lodged Feb 2010 - have updated time line

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      Ahh lol.

      That makes more sense now! Many congrats to you! About a years wait...I can see why you are so relieved to get your CO!
      We lodged ours Sept 2010, so fingers crossed we hear something soon!!

      Did your CO give you any idea on how long its likely to take to actually get your visa's granted?
      I bet you're on the phone booking up your medicals already!

      When will you look to move?

      Very exciting!

      Congrats Again! Soo jealous lol!

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      Hi Calstar

      I had already sent away for Police checks & had booked the medicals, just took a chance! Luckily this has now paid off. OH has medicals issued that may cause a delay, however we have got consultant letters to go with our case advising that there is no deteriation, etc. I would be over the moon if we got the Visa by mid/end April, but CO has not given any indication. Then we can put the house on the market, so ideally by end of year we will be on the plane. Luckily we have lots of family in SA, uncle went out as a 10 pom, so we have a great network to start with. Lots of amazing emotions going round me & hubby today-just cant believe we are nearing the end of the Visa journey & starting the living in Oz journey. Good luck to you too, before you know it your time will come


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