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      Hi, I am a 17 year old who currently lives in Britain, I am currently studying at school but when I leave I aim to move to Australia.

      I would love to join the police force but don't know how...

      Do the police force in Australia sponsor people to train to be an officer? And if they do do you get paid for this or can you get a job?

      If they do sponsor how do you get in contact with them as I cannot tell by looking on the websites?

      Also Is it true if you get sponsored you can get a visa more easily?



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      cornish Busdriver
      I would say your better off emailing or calling SAPOL direct as they would be the ones to give you the best info.
      South Australia Police

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      hi, i have but they just tell me to look at the website and there is no information on there, so any help will be much appreciated!

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      why dont you repost this with a more specific title so any police officers on here would read it?
      maybe good title would be police training help?
      good luck

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      ok will do



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