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      Help please just starting the migrartion process

      please does anyone know how long it takes to complete the migration visa process from start to finish?
      we hope to rent for a year or so until we decide the move is a goer but what about the pets? do people move with their pets and rent? are there rentals that are ok that allow pets too?

      are the brits in adelaide generally happy?

      thanks and i am sure this will be the first of many posts!

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      Hi Simmo888, The time a visa takes to process depends on so many factors.There have been so many changes to the visa system that many of us who have applied in the last couple of years still don't know when we will get definate news.If you let us know more details on your plans ie job and visa type we may be able to offer a bit more advise.
      Yes people do move with their pets which does narrow down your rental choice but i'm sure you would still find somewhere nice.
      As for the people being friendly i'm not there yet but would say they seem imho far more aproachable than the Uk.
      Good luck with getting the ball rolling.

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      Thanks. It is a skilled migration visa but state sponsored. Worried how long it might take as nearly 43 years old.
      Will have to bite the bullet and get a migration expert on baord I think otherwise I might have a nervous breakdown.
      Happy days ;)

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      I think the general rule of thumb at the moment with immigration is how long is a piece of string??!!!! The rules have just changed and there are to be big changes again from the 1st Juliy, so make sure DIAC has all of your documnents before that date so the changes don't affect you as there are going to be thousands of very disappointed families out there that will no longer be eligible at all!!
      It can take a few months for the skills assessment to get back so if you havent done that it is best you do it asap, then you can go ahead and get the sponsorship from Immi SA and get your application into DIAC for the visa. Are you applying for a 176 visa? If yes things seem to be looking a bit rosier at the moment they are processing applications from Nov 2009-April 2010 but "promise" to be up to date with new applications by May 1st (according to the Adelaide processing centre) but i'll believe that when I see it!!!
      Also your application will be placed on a priority processing list dependent upon your occupation demand here in Australia which can drastically affect your processing times!

      As far as families being happy in Adelaide, that is very much a personal thing. Some settle here very quickly while others find Adelaide quiet and not as lively as they hoped. I know that we have never been happier here and Adelaide suits us down to the ground.
      Good luck in your application.
      JC x

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      If you are at all worried about the length of time it will take, then get an opinion from a migration agent. Most will offer you a free initial consultation. We recommend Sherie Blakesley at www.migratemates.com who is a Brit based in Queensland or John Adams at www.immigration2oz.com. John is based in the UK and can be found logged in to Skype most of the time.

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      Hi simmo88. We lodged out 175 app in 2009 still waitng we have just lodged a state spon app 2 weeks ago. We are using the emmigration group, they have been a great help, there are so may things to think about , any agents will give you free consultation. Its not a process that just happens like they make out on programs like wanted down under.I f you are 43 now get sarted, and i would say go for state sponsorship 176 visa.

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      Thank you everyone. If it is taking people years to get a visa does that mean it will be years before we can make the move-even if we look eligable now?

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      Welcome to the Forum....

      As for timelines it varies as to what VISA your applying and how much work DIAC want to do...

      As for happy here i reckon the Brits are generally happy...sure things are different here than back in the UK....but hey thats what anywhere in the world would be like.

      Were happy and the kids are happy thats all that matters....


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      A lot depends on your job and age so in your case I would start ASAP.
      Try speaking to Paul at EMIGRATING SOLUTIONS 08454 636324 they have been great so far for myself.
      I'm sure there are places that let you take pets all though quite exspensive to get them over.
      Good luck.

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      Quote Originally Posted by simmo888 View Post
      Worried how long it might take as nearly 43 years old.
      Under the current rules (can change at any time though!) it's only your age at the time of application that counts for anything - so if you apply now even if they do then take years to process your application you'll still count as a 42 year old applicant.


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