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      Jane & Tony

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      Hi All
      Just to let everyone know. We have just had our meds and our agent said that if they are ok we should get our visa in Jan/Feb. OMG!!!
      Got the house on the market (wrong time of year I know)
      Can anyone tell me who is a good pet carrier?
      Also when should we look into geting the paperwork done for the 2 doggies? IE blood test,vaccs e.t.c.

      Thanks fro any replys (in anticipation)
      J&T xx

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      Well thats gonna be a great start to the new year. :D

      What visa subclass have you applied for? We aren't using an agent and lodged our visa (175) last month. If you have lodged the same visa as us then that will give us a rough timescale.


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      Jane & Tony
      We have applied for the 136 (family) sponsored visa. Tony's Mum and Dad have been there for 17 years and are sponsoring us.

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      congrats guys - it will all happen so fast now!!

      Sorry cannot help with pet carriers, but no doubt someone here can.

      What a start to the new year!


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      Hi There

      We used Animal Couriers , Lesley was absolutely briliant. You can't get the blood tests done too early as only valid for 30 days.

      Tel 01483 200123 mob 07736 251800 fax 01483 200134
      email animalcouriers@aol.com

      Hope this helps. It cost us 1100GBP including collection from home AQIS import etc.


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      Hi Jane and Tony

      Sorry to hijack you thread for a pet carrier but I was wondering about you visa. You said that you had applied for a 136 but then said family were sponsoring you. I thought the 136 was the independant visa and the 138, which is the one we are going on by the way, was the family sponsored.

      We lodged our visa in June but I would guess you have had a case office allocated already. We have had our medicals without being asked so that hopefully our visa will be Feb time.

      Joanna and Tony too.


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