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    Thread: So frustrated......

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      Angry So frustrated......

      Hi, just need to vent my impatience...still waiting for our TRA result back, feels like an age since we sent it off....waiting and waiting for the result, can't progress onto anything else till we have it back and am slowly going mad.................................

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      Just sit with a nice bottle of South Australian wine and chill out. You'll be right!!

      We had a 2+ year wait !
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      It is unfortunate and highly frustrating at times but it is all part of the process. As Tyke suggests, a good bottle of South Australian wine should help!!

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      Yes, you right, nice bottle (or 2...) then maybe it all seem a bit better!! I suppose after a while you get use to the waiting and the waiting and the waiting......cheers for your kind thoughts!!

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      Helen ...... We got our visa in 2008 and unfortunately we can't make the move without selling our house, we have no savings as we've always overpaid on our mortgage.
      Fingers crossed our sale will go through this time!!
      It seems such a long wait waiting for the visa but the day that you get the call to say you've got it is awesome!
      Do you have property to sell?

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      hi, yes we do, just finishing renovating it then hopefully on the market for easter time. Yes its all so frustrating, the whole process but its what we want so badly so i am sure, if we keep the faith we will get there in the end....and a bottle or two along the way I am sure will help!!

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      OOh, I know exactly how you feel! We sent Oh's quals off to Engineer Australia, every morning I get my hopes up with the post...I too feel like once we have the quals back we can get started as there is nothing to stop us then. Everything hinges on them coming back positive :(
      We also have finished renovating and hope to have the house up by Easter!
      And the wine does help :D

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      Ah yes, good old wine!! Yes every day i check e mails, then check again 5 mins later, getting abit OCD about it now!! God knows what I be like when we do actually lodge to DIAC and am waiting for a CO----prob be on a case of wine a night by then!!



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