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      Waiting for medical results

      Hi all,

      Just wondering how long it took between having your meds and getting the results. We had ours 4 weeks ago on Jan 25th and they were sent to Sydney on the 2nd of Feb but still haven't heard :roll: I've convinced myself that they are lost . Am I being unnecessarily paranoid?

      Jen& Ian

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      Hi Jen & Ian

      Try not to worry, once our medicals were sent from Guernsey we heard from our agent 6 weeks later, I think it really depends on how busy they are. A friend at work heard back in 4 weeks, I know it's frustrating but I'm sure you'll hear real soon, then the fun will begin!! Good luck! :D

      Tracey x

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      Ours were posted on the 20th November and finalised in Sydney on the 7th December so took a few weeks.

      You can send an enquiry to the LCU to see if they have been received - http://www.immi.gov.au/contacts/form...centres.htm?51

      Although we did send this off when we started to wonder only to be told it had not arrived and then was processed the same day :?

      Lisa :D

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      Thanks for the replies guys, we have sent a enquiry aswell. I guess I'll just have to be patient not one of my strenghs I'm afraid .


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      Hi Jen - we are in the same position as you - we have ours done on Jan 9th - only the doctor forgot to send my bloods off which caused a delay - didnt send off until around 26th Jan............

      ....Im really worried, as they found a couple of things wrong with me and hubby, although, the doctor said it shouldnt cause a problem with the application - but still really concerned...........its like, you cant relax until you know its ok..........its been like this all the way the visa application!!

      Its hard work being patient - all my nails have gone!!

      Chris, Sarah, Molly & Phoebe - Arrived in Adelaide 21st August 2007, Living in Moana

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      Know what you mean about hiccups -

      we got told Gregs occupation was coming off the skills list when we went went to an agent (changed agent to one who knew what they were on about!!)

      then got told by LCU our meds had gone missing (then they were processed one hour later!)

      got CO that did nothing - followed by CO number 2 that wanted more info and 4 years tax letters!!!

      nothing happened at all with our application til we had CO no 3 :shock: who then went on leave for a week :cry:

      but we now have our visa so although it seems everything is against you all the way through it does come right in the end and is worth it :lol:

      keeping everything crossed for a speedy visa for all those waiting


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      Hi Sarah & Lisa,

      It is awful waiting for those results isn't it especially as its kinda the last real hurdle before getting the visa. Like you I'm worried that they might throw up something they don't like as I had heart surgery as a child (although was signed off by the hospital donkeys years ago) and my oldest son has a problem with his shoulder. Anywho thats enough of my waffle! Just have to keep my fingers crossed.

      Cheers :)


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      I totally agree with you all, the waiting is sooooooo frustrating! It consumes you and you just can't think about anything else, convincing yourself that they are going to find some reason to say no - we too are at the last stages and had our medicals one week ago, also awaiting police certificates..... never been in trouble but convinced that they are going to find something to put on there!!!!! Aaaargh It must be such a relief when you finally get that visa - I have bought the champagne but don't want to tempt fate and put it in the fridge, was even worried about buying it - but it was a good price so just couldn't resist! Sorry to go on but I know you are all in the same boat :( Good luck to each and everyone of you :)

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      Can you not check your applications online? I checked mine everyday, it seemed to take forever then we ended up with a refferal and had to wait another 3-4 weeks for that then finally it came through good. In hind sight its been a whole lot less stressful since it came through. Just waiting for the solicitors to sort the house out then it'll be booking flights for us



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