Hi Guys,
Can you wise people help us please? Which would be the quickest way to get a visa? We were originally going for a 175, but with processing times looking as if they are taking well over a year, I really don't think I can wait that long.
My son is about to start comprehensive school this September and I would prefer to avoid him going through all the rigmarole of starting school, then having to disrupt him again - he's not the best at change.
We will be coming on my skills (nurse) and I am in the process of getting my skills assessed by the ANMC. Our ultimate aim is to stay there permanantly. If we were to come over on a temporary visa, is it relativly easy to get a PR visa once we are there or is that difficult to do? Or can anyone advise me please, I am so desperate now - especially after seeing our WDU show on Wednesday.
Thank you in anticipation