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      Seaford Rise area

      Can anyone advise me on the Seaford Rise area please.
      What are there schools like? Is there good community spirit? Crime rates etc.
      Thank you :)

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      cornish Busdriver
      I live seaford rise at the moment and i love it here.
      Its well kept and very tidy, safe, relaxed area and pretty quiet.
      As for crime, well the deli has been broke into a couple of times and like everywhere when it comes to hoons you get the odd idiot screaming up the road but thats about it.
      Sorry cant help ya with the schools

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      Hi, we live at seaford meadows, their are plenty of schools to choose from around this area, everyone will have a different oppinion on what they consider to be a good school, some have good experiences and some have bad, also depends on the teacher you children get but on the whole the schools arent bad at all.



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